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Ready Steady Cook

A collection of my recipes which I have cooked on the BBC show


Episode 1

Episode 2

Christmas episode


An index of recipes which have featured on various BBC programmes over the years

The Food Programme – Madhur Jaffrey: A Legacy

My recipes for BBC Countryfile

Great Lives: Romy Gill on Amrita Pritam

A Good Read

The Doctor's Podcast

Cerys Matthews, 6 Music – Diwali Treats




The Sunday Times

Four sensational fish recipes

Five spicy chicken recipes

Vegetarian recipes for a Holi feast

My best savoury pancakes

Winter recipes

Pomegranate recipes

Vegetarian recipes for a Holi Feast

The Guardian

Four ways with paneer 

Easy curry recipes for students

My feature and recipes for sending your child to university

Potato recipes

Residency: Reinventing classic West Bengali recipes

Residency: Healthy Indian cuisine

Residency: Global palette, multicultural recipes

Residency: Goat and mutton recipes

Butter chicken has always helped me...

Observer Food Monthly

Included in The 20 Best Vegetarian recipes: Chana dal with chapati

Included in The 20 Best Soup recipes: Dal soup

Included in The 20 Best Vegetarian and Vegan recipes: Vegan samosas and avocado chutney

Included in The 20 Best Lunchbox recipes: Spicy omelette with paratha

How hard is it to be a chef and a mother with young children?

The Telegraph

Six 20-minute suppers

Six fakeaway recipes

Onion bhajis

Sweet and savoury mango recipes

Alternative flour recipes

Radish recipe ideas

Greece gave me a taste for adventure

Four of the best winter fruit recipes

Sunday lunch to feed a crowd

Cabbage: the star of your kitchen

The Independent

Thoughts on the food world in the time of Coronavirus

The food of my childhood

Beautiful Bihar

New cookbook: A diary of travels around India

The Financial Times

In search of the world's best saffron

Fantasy Dinner

BBC Good Food

Recipes for BBC Good Food

Olive Magazine

A collection of commissioned recipes for Olive Magazine

National Geographic

Three recipes from my book, Zaika

The Caterer

Review of On The Himalayan Trail

You Magazine

Spiced-up suppers

Delicious Magazine

Five minutes with Romy Gill

Jackfruit pickle

Mango chutney

Lime pickle

The NewYork Times

Jackfruit sabzi

The food of Northern India

Visiting Darjeeling

Saveur Magazine

Romy Gill MBE

Best samosas

Sweetcorn pakoras

Spicy maple roasted chicken with sweet potato oven fries

Autumn vegetable tagine with bulgur wheat

We should all be cooking with fresh turmeric


BBC Food

Red lentils


French bean and potato sabzi

Palak paneer

Courgette pakoras


Bhare baingan


Turmeric sea bass

Gram flour shortbread with fennel and rosemary

Whole roasted tandoori masala cauliflower

Tamarind paneer with mint, parsley and apple chutney

Tandoori masala chicken skewers with herb and walnut chutney and flatbreads


Sweet potato parathas

Punjabi chicken masala

Matching Food and Wine

Three Inspirational Indian Food Books


My best chicken recipes

Food 52

Meet Romy Gill

A collection of commissioned recipes for Food 52

Eater Magazine

Best Cookbooks of 2022

Condé Nast Traveller



The Anokhi Show

A conversation with Anokhi founder, Raj Girn, about my personal and professional philosophies when it comes to advocacy


How I brought modern Indian food to Bristol


A tourist at home

About my book, On The Himalayan Trail

Kulcha, kulfi and kidhood


Mob meets Romy Gill

Veggie samosas for Mob Kitchen


Vegan saag


Kashmiri recipes from my new book

British Airways

Writing about Kashmir, travelling, hotpot and dining with Ottolenghi

Food & Wine

Momos and Red Chilli Chutney

Communal Table Podcast interview

National Post

Interview about On The Himalayan Trail


Interview about On The Himalayan Trail

Grub Street

Interview about On The Himalayan Trail


Making flatbreads at home

Courgette paratha

Some Good Ideas

Chef profile

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